'If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation' - Dalai Lama

Children's Yoga

There are so many benefits of Yoga for children. These include physical, mental, emotional and social.

Here are the benefits in more detail:


  • Increases flexibility

  • Builds strength

  • Improves co-ordination and balance

  • Improves gross and fine motor skills

  • Improves body awareness

  • Physical workout for the heart, lungs, muscles and our central nervous system

Mental & Emotional 

  • Help with managing emotions

  • Decreases stress and anxiety

  • Promotes moral choices

  • Teaches techniques to help calm, switch off and rest

  • Improves concentration and focus

  • Improves self discipline, confidence, freedom and ability to express themselves and be creative 

  • Increases self-esteem


  • Teaches awareness of their own behaviour

  • Helps build character and personality

  • Increases confidence within themselves and with others

There are also many educational benefits involved in Children's Yoga as each class can be tailored to include Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Geography and any other subject which may be the focus at the time. 

Children today are exposed to higher stress levels. Homework, family, technology and social media can all effect children just as it does adults. Yoga can help relieve stresses and help teach techniques that the children can carry beyond the classroom and into their daily life. In particular, breathing techniques can be very helpful for stress and for finding ways to calm down. 

The children are taught yoga postures allowing them to learn the importance of looking after their bodies in a fun and safe manner. They will take part in yoga games & partner work which encourages children to work with others and develop their coordination. Classes bring together a combination of stretches, back arches, twists and balances. These help to support and strengthen children, not only physically but also mentally by building confidence in themselves, improving their concentration and helping them to sleep better. 

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