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I offer yoga to children and children with additional needs. I am a fully certified Childrens Yoga Teacher and have studied with internationally recognised Yogakidz Worldwide. I hold a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Childrens yoga and a Level 3 Diploma in teaching children with Additional needs.

I am a passionate person who loves children and yoga. There are so many benefits for children of all ages and abilities to learn from yoga and these can be taught in a fun, safe, calm and caring way. Yoga can help children to gain balance, co-ordination, strength, confidence and ability to self regulate emotions. Each class will involve techniques of breathing, asanas (postures) games, stories and other very interactive and creative ways of teaching yoga. 


 I like to teach with love, kindness, patience and happiness hoping to spread a little sunshine along the way. 


About Shine with Yoga

My name is Lucie Day and I have a passion for yoga. I have a fantastic family with two children. Jamie is six and Ruby who is nearly one. I fell in love with yoga a long time ago when I realized yoga is not just about the postures. Following my own practice at home I soon realized that yoga becomes a way of life. For me, yoga relieved me of stress and is still teaching me things about myself and my body today. I am a caring, friendly and fun person who loves children and I soon found out that children can benefit from yoga practice too. My son Jamie benefits from breathing techniques which help him to calm down. Jamie is autistic and yoga has helped us both in different ways along our journey together and with our family.

Classes can be held in schools or as a one to one session in a home setting lasting around 30 mins to 1 hour. Each class is tailored to the age group and a theme which may change each week. The yoga class can also be tailored to integrate subjects that the children are learning, for instance mathematics, spelling or a particular subject such as wildlife. 


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